Replaceable Resilient ptfe+epdm butterfly valve seat

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Pure PTFE Valve Seat Gasket Small Size Water / Oil / Gas / Oil / Acid Media

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Color: Black Material: Nature Rubber
Temperature: - 50 ~ 150 Degree Product Name: Elastic Butterfly Valve Seat
Suitable Media: Water, Potable Water, Drinking Water, Wastewater... Hardness: 65±3 °C
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butterfly valve rubber seat,ductile iron valve seats,Anti Animal Butterfly Valve Seat


Anti-animal and vegetable oil properNeoprene (CR) Butterfly Valve Seat


Neoprene (CR)

Neoprene, Polychloroprene is composed of chloroprene monomer polymerization. After vulcanization, it has good rubber elasticity and abrasion resistance. It is anti-insolation and has good weather resistance, resistant to violent distortion, refrigerants, dilute acid, silicon ester lubricant, but not resistant to phosphate series of hydraulic oil. It is easy to crystallize and harden at low temperature, weak storage stability, and big expansion in low aniline point of mineral oil. In using temperature range is - 50 ~ 150 degree.



Good elasticity and good compression deformation, the formula contains no sulfur, so it is very easy to operate. It has anti-animal and vegetable oil properties, will not be affected by neutral chemicals, fats, oils, a variety of oils, solvents, and also has anti-fire properties.



Do not recommend to use in strong acids, nitrohydrocarbons, esters, chloroform and ketone chemicals.



Rubber parts or sealing parts with R12 refrigerant, household appliances. Suitable for rubber products which direct contact with the atmosphere, sunlight, ozone parts, resist fire and chemical corrosion.



KTW W270 EN681-1,ACS,NSF61/372;WRAS,EC1935;FDA,EC1935;REACH,ROHS


Our Advantages:

1. Rubber and framework material are firmly bonded.
2. Excellent rubber elasticity and compression set.
3. Stable seat size and small torque, excellent sealing and wear resistance property.
4. Rubber materials adopt international brands with stable performance.
5. Material: CR, NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, PTFE, Silicone, etc.
6. Certification: NSF,SGS,KTW,FDA,ROHS,
7. High/low temperature resistance, oil and fuel resistance, good air tightness etc.
8. Process and packing is according to your requirements.
9. Application: Fluid control,electronic, household appliance, automotive, medical equipment industry, industrial machine& components,etc


Related Material Quick Selection Table:

Material Suitable Temp. Characteristics


Instant -40℃~125℃

Nitrile rubber has good self-expanding properties, abrasion resistance and hydrocarbon-resistant properties. It can be used as a general material for water, vacuum, acid, salt, alkali, grease, oil, butter, hydraulic oil, glycol, etc. Can not be used in places such as acetone, ketone, nitrate, and fluorinated hydrocarbons.


Instant -50℃~150℃

Ethylene-propylene rubber is a good general-purpose synthetic rubber that can be used in hot water systems, beverages, dairy products, ketones, alcohols, nitrates, and glycerin, but not in hydrocarbon-based oils, inorganics, or solvents.




Instant -40℃~125℃

Neoprene is used in media such as acids, oils, fats, butters and solvents and has good resistance to attack.



Fluororubber is a good hydrocarbon-resistant base oil, fluorinated hydrocarbon rubber for oily gas and other petroleum products. It is suitable for water, oil, air, acid and other media, but it can not be used for steam, hot water or thicker than 82 °C. Alkali system.
SR -70℃~200℃ Silicone rubber is resistant to high temperature, low temperature and stable chemical properties, and is widely used in industries such as strong acid, weak alkali and food.

Special materials: carboxylated nitrile rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, corrosion-resistant ethylene-propylene rubber, steam-resistant fluoroelastomer, chlorosulfonated polyethylene

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